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Mixed wrestling wife

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Me and my husband had live a webcamsquirt gif normal life, quite ok but it was getting a bit boring after 10 years no kids. One evening about a year ago we were watching tv as usual.

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My legs were tired after walking all day I am a mixedbeing wrestling the gym for two hours and then biking for 45 min home. My husband had as always been taking the car.

We are about the same size wife and 75 kgs but my body is firmer than his due to my physical work, biking 1,5 hours every day and the two days a week I work out with weights. I put first my left leg on nude cosplay big husbands shoulder so he could massage my calf and then the right.


He had done this before but this evening I suddenly wrapped my legs around my husband and started mixed squeeze him. He tried to free himself, he wanted to see the program on tv and animado porno had difficulties doing that.

I laid back and increased the pressure, he now was fighting really hard to get out and I enjoyed the dominance over him and the body contact. Wrestling suddenly dragged him towards me first with my legs, then with my arms and pressed him against my big boobs and at the same time squeezed his body hard with my strong legs.

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He now had difficulties to breathe. I asked him if he gave up and he couldn't say a word.

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I let him breathe and asked him again. He said yes and I let loose a bit but didn't release him. I teased him and asked him how it felt wife have a stronger wife.