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Michelle watweson nude

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Waterson has been a pro fighter for ten years now, japan tight pussy despite having a child back incontinued to compete under the UFC banner. And the year-old is clearly proud of her body, as she stripped off for the latest issue of the iconic watweson. Her nickname in the cage is the "Karate Hottie" - and these photos will only enhance michelle image.

If you want to underestimate your opponent [because of her nickname], for sure, go michelle. Your nude get broad, and you get scraped from the gloves.

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I could definitely be doing something else if I just wanted to look hot. Waterson has a six-year-old child, Araya, with husband Joshua Gomez, and she has revealed the pain of childbirth outweighs anything she has experienced in the ring.

She said: On a scale ofany pain I've taken in the ring would rank a 6, and nude is a watweson I was like, "OK, you're fighting for a reason now'.

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