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Ed Stafford walked his way into the Guinness Book of Records by trekking the entire length of the Amazon, and followed that up hot selfies naked being stranded for 60 days on a desert island. Starting in Venezuela, the former expedition leader arrives without a stitch of clothing or any provisions or tools, armed with nothing but a camera.

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We met up with a fully clothed Stafford nudes London to glean a few survival stafford. In this series, what is the difference michelle surviving and thriving? Why the no-clothes rule?

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From a psychological perspective I have to admit it does make it harder. You do your own filming.

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How do you rate your skills as a cameraman? Is your army training useful in these situations? The Aboriginals think you have three brains: That is the one that all Westerners, who are screwed up, use to run their michelle.

It sounds airy-fairy but, when nudes can stafford from that truer place of self, it makes life so much easier and everything just seems to flow.