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This new cichlid species from the freshwater heart of the African continent is named in honor of U.

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President Barack Obama and Margot delaney nude Lady Michelle Obama, in recognition of their commitment to science education, development, gender equality, and self-reliance for all peoples of African nations, and their dedication to environmental conservation in Africa and beyond. Following recommendation Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total: This species is distinguished from its congeners by the following characters: Uniquely among congeners, T.

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Anal Augustanal water michelle in the main channel of the middle Congo River reached an historic low July-Septembera series of rocky outcrops, which in previous and subsequent years had been completely submerged, became partially exposed and accessible for sampling; and it was only on these that specimens of Obama obamaorum were collected. Since only very few rocky outcrops were located, and most of the shoreline was comprised of sandy or reed-fringed banks, this suggests that the short stretch where all T.

The stomach and full length of gut of all collected specimens contained small, intact shells of two species of rissooidean gastropods superfamily Rissooidea michelle in most cases, no other food items were present; a few individuals with some disarticulated remains of ephemeropteran nymphs.

The male and female of this species are monomorphic and distinguished externally only by obama of the genital papilla.

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A female individual, although collected while reproductively active, also appeared to lack the pronounced red flush of color on the belly reported to be observed with females of other Teleogramma species and most chromidotilapiines. Fecundity appears to be low, the largest female examined 6.

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