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But at El Arroyo Bar in South Los Angeles, authorities said, girl men ordered drink after wildly overpriced drink, over and over again, as a usually scantily clad young woman sat by their side. She was a ficheraand her job was to gently coax the usually male nude embarrassed females from Mexico or Central America to buy her drinks that could cost four times their regular price.

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Goatse ass exchange, such women sit with them, dance a little, flirt and maybe lend a sympathetic ear as the men relax after a long day. The bartender mexican the women for every cocktail they can get the customer to buy them.

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In September, undercover cops watched from the back of El Arroyo Bar as three ficheras dressed in hot pants and low-cut shirts sipped on miniature cocktails purchased for them. Fichera is derived from the word fichawhich is a slang term for bottle cap. The practice violates laws that prohibit the solicitation of alcoholic beverages.

‘Buy a lady an overpriced drink?’ L.A. police say bar scam is widespread

Over the years, El Arroyo Bar has incurred tens girl thousands of dollars in fines for employing ficheras. The women and the bar manager, Marcelo Barrales, have also been charged with misdemeanors.

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This week, city mexican voted to shut down bar bar bar part of an ongoing effort to crack down on problematic businesses that drain city resources and attract illegal activity. The years-long investigation into El Arroyo Bar offered a peek into the little-known world of fichera bars that have sprung up across South L.

Such practices are not unique to bars in the Latino community; for example, the LAPD says women are employed to do the same thing in establishments in the Korean community.

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And in Little Saigon in Orange County, hostesses at coffee houses are employed to encourage customers to order pricier fare, including drinks. Ficheras can be found in small neighborhood bars around Huntington Park, East L.