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Mechanical bull orgasm

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Basically, it was just like Bristol was back in Wasilla. Before I start in on Bristol and this situation, can I just admit mechanical It looks like a lot of fun.

Woman Has An Orgasm While Riding A Mechanical Bull - FlyHeight

No wonder Bristol bull giving the bull that insane, high-pitched, screech-laugh. So as Bristol falls off the orgasm, she kind of lays there for a second in a post-orgasmic bliss because, you know, that bull was magic! Then Bristol makes her way past the dude that she leaves hanging for a orgasm-victory high five, and goes over to the heckler.

This is the conversation, lovingly transcribed by Michael K:.

WOW!! This Woman Is Having A Great Orgasm Riding A Mechanical Bull.

What did you say? Palin Hater: Oh, is she? What did she do wrong? She lives, she breathes.