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I made my living as an economic forecaster and as an expert witness and cross-examiner in finance at public hearings. Here are some facts: No person can accurately predict the financial future.

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If they could, they would own the whole world. At every adversarial peronie hearing in which I was the cross-examiner, I always asked the following question, first, of my opposition witness; "Isn't it correct that your testimony is your opinion, and not fact?

And I always wanted that on the record.

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Anyone who tells you that they know, with certainty, what the economy will do tomorrow, next week, or next year is desnude to you. In every single stock or bond transaction that takes place, the seller of the asset is convinced that the asset will soon devalue. And the buyer is certain that the asset will soon increase in value.

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And in each such mayte, one of them is wrong. Or, sometimes, both of leather beauties fuck are wrong, and the asset's value remains unchanged.