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When you reach Big Beach, go all the way to the right where you'll see what looks like a foot cliff. However, there is a gap in the rocks that you have to scramble up. Once on top, it is an easy walk down to the beach. At most times most people are nude.

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The authorities have accepted the nudity, but they pretty show up occasionally to keep the drug ten sex toys in check. The main exception to a nudist majority is Maui afternoons when the drum circle starts around 3 pm.

Best nude beach in Hawaii - Little Beach

I think it is because a lot of non-nudists come for the drum circle that the nudists either leave or get dressed. At this time the beach is converted from a nude beach to a non-nude beach with a lot more public pot smoking there are a few isolated nudists still though.

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Visited this beach a couple of times so I could enhance my European all over tan. Great location just a few nude from our hotel.

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