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Marilyn monroe masturbation

Just so I understand, it's okay to consensually: But you can't think about someone who is dead when you masturbate? I hope this is not the only letter you receive that absolutely disagrees with you on this.

Your personal fantasies can feature whomever you wish—make that whatever you wish.

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Hypothetically, if I have some secretly harbored fantasy to skinnyblackwomennude a part of an orgy involving deep-sea crustaceans, am I not allowed to masturbate around that fantasy monroe it does not "exist within the realm of possibility? Marilyn "hope" that multiple men will carry me off and rape me over and over.

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I "hope" that tentacle monsters will abduct me and perform unusual experiments on me. I "hope" for a lot of messed-up things, Dan.

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Oh, masturbation you know what? Fantasies are just fantasies. They don't have to be realistic. And you believe that people don't masturbate to James Dean and Marilyn Monroe without feeling creepy and hopeless?

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Seems rather narrow of you.