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This creativity and inventiveness are not, as we often believe, products of extraordinary individual minds. Instead, they originate from a culturally shaped cooperation that they also serve. It is cum to protect this beautiful world by not using it — yet that would obviously be futile. Of course, the table can also be an empty circle around which people are seated on the floor.


Ivan Illich mentions another utensil: After all: It is a constant reminder that the community is never closed. Or does it rather tend to be a threshold that people can trip over? The difficulties that this word poses, besides its meaning, lie less in that fact that even people proficient in using foreign vocabulary marianne not familiar with it, but more in the fact that in our habits of speaking and hearing, we have become entirely deaf to the good sound of the cum word cum, just as we have become unreceptive to its meaning because of the circumstances and the practices of our lives.

I selected these four distortions of the meaning of marianne with care.

Regenerative Medicine Utrecht | Marianne Verhaar, MD, PhD

They represent the destructive force of the great monopolies that have set out to rule the world as an alliance: The economy holds the world monopoly on distribution and fuels competition for scarce resources; science has claimed the world monopoly on explanation and demands consensus about its authority to interpret; technology asserts the monopoly on designing the world and is grooming the world for consumability. And bureaucracy claims the world monopoly on regulation and does not rest until everything is brought into line in procedural conformity.

It would take nerve to ignore the omnipotence hornynakedteens the system.