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Male crackwhores

Gaming culture is seen traditionally very masculine, as well as computers and technology male general. Because of the masculine nature of games, their contents and even the equipment has been mostly filled with redhead teen view themes and approaches. At the beginning of development the game industry lost a large number of potential consumers when girls and women were not properly taken into account.

CrackWhores and Barbies – Feminine game experiences

The development of game industry has been fast, therefore society would probably be partially divided in two if females were not interested male games at all. It is very hard to learn new things without any motivation, so games should be as interesting to crackwhores as they are to males. After rise and fall of the console business, an arcade game called Mortal Kombat was translated to home console in and especially the uncensored version of the game was an immediate success.

As Rutter and Bryce [6] have noticed, it is important to ask what kinds of aspects influence gaming participation: Are there differences in gaming experiences, motivation or constrains that affect gaming, or are there some social, content-based and technological issues to gendering gaming?

To keep the children away from the arcades, parents bought home consoles for them. The change in gaming environment and attitudes towards gaming overall probably had an impact male feamale gamers too, who were now able to fit in the gaming culture easier and to take their time with digesting new technological skills.


In the early s, people in the game industry noticed that there were really no games available in the game market directed particularly for girls. Girls do not necessarily actively follow the game culture, therefore the games directed to girls need to be named and marketed very visibly.

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On the other hand, the impersonality in marketing and overemphasizing the girly aspects might not interest on the worst case scenario even the aimed target group. The color palette is also extremely girly and everything looks very princessy in a naively generalized way. This kind of game crackwhores not interest some of crackwhores boys for sure and it is questionable whether even girls want to play only girly games.