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Unfortunately, people can be ill intentioned and affect celebrities a lot. The hacking that happened to Perroni was different from what happened to other Hollywood stars. For Perroni, nude hacker logged porno makdassi her Twitter account and changed her main photo into one of a woman showing off her naked butt.

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Perroni picture was posted, perroni the woman was topless. The hacker also wrote a message on Twitter maita threatened to release images of her ex-RBD members. The hacker posted a series of tweets, but they have all been deleted.

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As of now, Perroni's last tweet was sent on Oct. Perroni did write a message on her official Facebook page.

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The actress said that the images were released by someone who likes to do harm and that the images are obviously not of her because that's just not who she is. Nude recently became the voice of a campaign to donate hair, notes TV Notas.


She will be encouraging women to donate natural hair for wigs in partnership with Pantene, which will culminate with the international day of hair donations on Nov. And the actress also opened up about her relationship on " Sal Y Pimienta.

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Disney Channel's newest star is adding diversity to the channel and empowering maita her age through her lead role in "Stuck in the Middle.