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Apparently, Magna Steyr is not a true automaker.

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The company, instead, serves as magna engineering company, supplier and assembler of cars and trucks for other companies such as Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, or Volvo. However, what they are bringing to the Geneva Motor Show is a big surprise: And yet, the concept is outstanding, featuring advanced technologies and flexible manufacturing processes with a focus on eco-friendliness that are wrapped up by an extremely beautiful sexy design.

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The MILA Plus is built on an aluminium frame with integrated batteries, and parts of the car, including the chassis and interior that sexy fully recyclable. In order to provide a structural rigidity and weight reduction, a combination of sexymomxxx methods, sophisticated joining technologies and a multi-material external skin have been further used.

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Magna by a three-cylinder petrol engine and two electric motors, the car is capable of hitting 62 MPH in 4. A pretty cool acceleration result though! Connie loves to hear your feedback, so feel free to email her or add her on LinkedIn.


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