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The store opened in Milan on June 1 Photo: High street cruelty-free giant Lush has opened a 'naked' store in a bid to tackle the growing global plastic problem. In a statement to Plant Based News, a spokesperson said: According to Lush, it is a 'sad fact' that plastic debris in our oceans is killing marine wildlife at a rate it describes as 'staggering'.

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In an attempt to help find a solution, Lush will launch a new online campaign on June 8 - World Oceans Nonude lolly photos. The campaign aims to 'raise awareness of the effect of nude plastic on ocean life and start a discussion with customers on how we can tackle this worldwide issue as consumers'.

The spokesperson added: Currently over 40 percent of Lush's AYR product range is completely 'naked' packaging free.

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The brand is launching a new product alongside the campaign. According to Lush: Lushes dropped in water, nude softening lushes agar seaweed strands emerge, floating to the top as a reminder of the threat sea turtles face.

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This takes a lot of our personal time, money and hard work. But we do it because we KNOW it makes a difference.

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If those following our reporting helped by contributing, we could do even more. Please consider supporting us so we can create further awareness about animal rights, environmentalism, ethical consumerism and the plant-based lifestyle.