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Luke skywalker moaning

Star wars characters and cuddling

Let's face it, people: Luke Skywalker is the dumbest character moaning the entire Star Wars series. I'm not talking about the newer releases, because then there would be a tie with Jar Jar Binks.

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I'm talking about the original Star Wars Trilogy and Luke is definitely the lamest. Think about all the characters in the Star Wars series. There sandra wang nude a cult following for virtually every one skywalker them: Even the characters with a few lines are loved: Boba Fettthe Emperorand that blue guy in Jabba's palace. When you're sitting in a group of Star Luke fans, ask them who their favorite character is.

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I guarantee you that none of them will say, "Luke". Sure, there is one fan club for Luke with a total of 18 members.

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If you disagree with any of this, feel free to make the count a whopping Tolerating the whiny farmboy Luke definitely has the most annoying lines and can bitch more than a guy on death row.