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It luffy takes a minute to sign up. When Luffy saw Nami's naked body thanks to Mr.

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But on naked other hand, luffy Luffy saw Boa Hancock naked it did not affect him in any way. Why was Luffy affected by Nami's body, but not by Hancock's body?

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A different reader had the same question and according to Oda, it was all because of Usopp's bad influence. Luffy and Usopp are hiden nude the same age, so when they are together it would naked like kids going on a school trip: From SBS of Volume 54, chapter Hey, Oda. In volume 53, chapterHancock's "Mero Mero Mellow" had no effect on Luffy at all, but in volume 23, chapterit looked like he had a reaction to Nami's "Happiness Punch".

Why did he respond to Nami's naked body but no to Hancock's?