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This university where you're going to get your condoms from for the next three years. Mark Sadowski, via. Yes, well done on your A-Levels, now to get some fucking done.


Because, truly, is fucked not the one and only av pretytube goal of university? Not the pursuit of knowledge, or the enrichment of you as a person, but the amount of times you can convince someone to don pussy hardcore fuck HockeySoc-branded condom and do fucking with you. Sex happens a lot at university: And then you've got frantic " gold rush sex ", where everyone facing the reality of graduation prangs out and goes on some desperate quest for frivolous uni sex before the real world hits them like a ton of bricks.

Here’s Everyone You’re Going to Have Sex with at University

Yes, university truly is a sexual buffet. But what prawns, fucked sausage rolls and multipack crisps decanted into one big central bowl await you on said buffet? These ones:. This will seem like a brilliant idea at first, because having sex with someone who lives a single flight of stairs away from you is the dream for someone who is fundamentally lazy.

If there was a threat scale for how dangerous university idea this is, it would be fully orange.