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What was the most memorable moment from filming Flavor of Love? When I did the leilene competition and I danced behind the screen because I actually won a challenge! Can you add the video in here?

Smiley Reveals How Flavor Flav Saved Her From an Abusive Relationship - VH1 News

What was your favorite moment behind the scenes? One night, we were so bored when one of the girls won a challenge and went on a date with Flav [and we were left at the house. Were your feelings for Flav true when you were filming the show? I also would like to clarify that I did not sleep with Flav and that the nude who I was divorced from was tennypussy the person who hit me.

I say this because a video with my black eye going to the reunion would later resurface on Charm School. He is onrade going to change.

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Have you remained friends with any of the ladies from the show? If so, who? We lost touch. I did reach out to Becky Buckwild from Charm School.