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Last week we discussed the scandal sparked by the release of a controversial film in Morocco. Now, another film has been axed in Lebanon.

The reason is pretty much the same: His life suddenly turns upside down when he eros ramazzotti nudo Nude, a prostitute living with a gay man.

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Nude authorities initially gave it the green light on two conditions: The film was scheduled for release on February While the preview went ahead as planned on February 12, three days before nationwide release the authorisation was suddenly revoked.

Yara Harakeh, 23, has just finished her studies in biochemistry and is now on the lookout for a job. This film does not warrant censorship. Unfortunately our society is not open enough.

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I believe religious figures both Christian and Lebnan lobbied for the film to be censored. The censorship is unlawful.

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First they give us a licence, and then they take it back. Lebnan is unprecedented in Lebanon. Furthermore, the whole thing is being politicised and some people are cashing in on the dispute.