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Laura Ortiz of Holliston fame playing a teenage prostitute as she undoes ortiz blue shirt to reveal a red bra and her stomach with a belly button piercing and then walks around and sits down in different places all while having a long conversation with a guy until finally he sends her away.

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From Sleeper Cell. Melissa Sagemiller of Raising the Bar fame naked having sex with a guy on a bed giving us some looks at her breasts and ass while they start out with her on her back and then switch to her on top riding him before going back to him on top all during a brightened version of a very dark scene.

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Laura Ortiz

Melissa Sagemiller undressing in a bedroom with a guy, making out with him topless as they move to the bed. She then shows her left breast as she props herself up on an elbow and talks to the guy. Melissa Sagemiller making out with a guy while they remove her bra to reveal sex snake fuck breasts and then lying down on a bed and continuing to make out topless before she stops him and then sits up on her side giving us a much better look at her left breast in the process.

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One unknown woman dancing fully nude and other dancing topless and in white thong panties while pole dancing on a strip club stage and then another unknown stripper seen giving a guy a lap dance while wearing a bikini as he watches the stage. Monica Himmelheber AKA Monica Himmel at first seen in a mirror kneeling on a bed naked as she goes down laura a guy and then stopping and getting a white vibrator out of her bag all while showing her ass and left breast before some other guys burst into the room and threaten them with guns nude Monica stands up fully nude and tries to talk herself out of the situation ortiz finally the guys let her go.

An unknown woman pole dancing on a strip club stage as she pulls her top open to reveal her breasts and gives us some looks at her ass in a thong in a very short skirt all while several laura unknown women dance and walk nude as a group of guys admire her until one of them gets up and walks off.