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Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi reveals how she was swept off her feet and the reason behind her painful split.

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When Padma Lakshmia model and young cookbook author, met Salman Rushdie inshe was dazzled by his brilliance. The fact that somebody of that stature and caliber was even interested remotely enough in me to want to take me to lunch was kind of unbelievable. They met nude Central Park for their first date, and ended up in bed together. After Rushdie divorced his third wife, he assured Lakshmi the marriage had long been overthey moved in together in But as her career in the food world grew, so did his resentment when she could no longer constantly be lakshmi his side.

Meanwhile, her severe endometriosis still undiagnosed at that point, had grown more acute, often leaving her in such chronic pain that she was bedridden and nude gallery video to have sex. Despite the painful split, she says she and Rushdie are raye friends.

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He can take care of it. Because I do still love him.

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In many ways, I consider him still part of my family. I think if you really fall in love with someone, even if you fall out of love with them, you still must have some little portion, some little imprint, on your heart that can never be extinguished or erased.

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