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Although once kof produced by Eolith, The King of Fighters is a drastic improvement over its predecessor.

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Rugal once again returns game the final boss. The graphical presentation is much better, especially kof backgrounds, which include plenty of cameos from other SNK titles.

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Due to its character roster and lack of superficial gimmicks, KoF is also regarded as a high point for the series. Once again, the American nude version removes her jiggling, but this time it was restored in the nude console releases.

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Those include the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The Dreamcast version adds in Shingo and King who were sadly missing from the arcade version. As usual, 3D backgrounds have been added.

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Compared to that revamp, though, which just added some characters and moves, and touched up a few things here milf sex scene there, Unlimited Match is game a whole new game. This brings the total roster up to 66 characters.

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All of the backgrounds have been completely redrawn in 3D, many are entirely new, with even more cameos to pick up. The soundtrack is completely new, too.