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Kasumi cosplay sex

The sex character of the Dead or Alive DOA fighting cosplay franchise since bursts into our cosplay feature this week, none other than the deadly Kasumi!

Dead or Alive - Kasumi cosplay print

Brought to life here by the American cosplayer Natalie, aka Bunny Ayumi. According to the game canon, Kasumi, also kasumi as the Kunoichi of Destiny, is a teenage female shinobi hipster teen porn skilled in the Mugen style of ninjutsu. Selected as the 18th Master of the Mugen Tenshin cosplay clan, Kasumi deserted her duties and entered the Dead or Alive tournament in order kasumi defeat Raidou, the man who crippled her brother, in a revenge attack. Although compassionate and not particularly at ease with violence and conflict most of the time, this highly skilled ninja is however not someone you wish to cross swords with, as she is quite simply, as deadly as she is beautiful!

Sex range is however fairly lacking and her single strikes not particularly powerful, meaning she is best used as a pressure fighter, in other words constantly attacking without giving her opponent an opportunity to launch an attack.


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