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He shifted, trying to find a comfortable position where his side wouldn't be smashed against the seat belt buckle.

Shortlist and Live act for Austrian Music Video Award

All he accomplished was stirring up more dust, making him cough into Bakura's hair. Said thief was protected from the airborne earth by snuggling into Marik's chest and breathing through his shirt. Bastard," the blond junkyardsex, the taste of stale dirt in his mouth and his eyes watering.

The Spirit of the Ring only chuckled sadistically and ran his hands over Marik's chest, finding his nipples through the thin fabric of his shirt.


He ran his thumb over one lightly, just enough for the ex-tomb keeper to feel it. He heard the boy junkyardsex deeply through his nose. He ran his hands down the boy's sides, Marik noticeably stiffening junkyardsex his hands were met with bare skin. He felt like such a hypocrite in situations like this; he always looked down at Marik for having such a girlie fashion sense at all other times, but hot imagesgirlnaked soon as they jumped in bed or in this case, car he was so thankful the boy seemed to be in love with his own midriff.

I'm not the one who pushed you into the first car with a roof.