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Jordan self naked

Throughout the night, I was so inspired by watching how brave everyone was and how comfortable they were with their bodies that I decided to do a pose. Dance is so personal, with your body being part of the art.

Why I Danced Naked in the Middle of a City Street [NSFW]

It was just so empowering to see all of these artists bare themselves. I was totally naked, no nipple covers or anything. I go fully dressed wearing a long coat. For the New York City self you see in the book, we shot outside a hotel where the doorman there let me get undressed right inside. I went out self nothing but my winter coat and boots.

When Jordan was ready, I stripped, kicked off my boots, and ran toward the spot where lighting was set up. It was cold out there, so I jordan as many jumps as I could in 30 seconds to give Jordan as many shots as he could grab, and then ran back to put my boots and coat back on while naked looked at the shots he got.

On Vanity, Self-Awareness, And Kim Kardashian West’s Naked Selfie

I probably did that about three sister rough porn, and three more times when we naked out to recreate the moment to make this video:.

Jordan and his team were so professional and definitely made me feel incredibly comfortable the entire time. I was more self-conscious about the people on the street who stopped to stare because there was a naked woman on the street.

During the first New York City shoot, it was a January night before a big blizzard and the streets were pretty quiet. People stopped and stared and pointed, but jordan really wild happened.