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Jmu girls fuck

naked willow

Top definition. Girls college.

The school for those of us that don't care enough about football to go to Tech, aren't stuck up enough to go to UVA, won't spend the fuck a week required to go to William and Maryaren't gangster enough for ODUsure as hell aren't slutty enough to go to Radfordand are too lazy to leave the state.

JMU unknown. The only college where you will find a super hot student body that is just as nice. Alumni can be found in any state and no one ever has anything bad to say about it.

Nude doctor physical given person will invite complete strangers to parties and become best jmu.

Everyone sleeps with everyone and everyone has a wild time, whether it be homecoming and everyone bleeds purple or block parties, bars, frats, or just plain any night of the week wandering around Ashby. There is no place like it. As in: