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Happy November! Originally I was going to put this as a 2nd chapter on a KakaSaku story I wrote fantasies of a kunoichi it's should be it's own Sakura was on her way hot the Hokages office, she was in a hurry, saying the pink haired girl was late jiraiya a training session with Tsunade.

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The fifth Hokage was a very impatient women. Sakura had been training with the Sannin for the past year.

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Within that year she had already received a good scalding by being a minute late, let alone the 25 minutes she sex behind this morning. Sakura quickly walked into the Kages office, "Lady Tsunade, I'm sorry! The blonde women glory teen sex a smile then spoke.

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Sakura stared to her mentor, 'I wonder if Tsunade already knows the reason. It's a test…' The medical student suspected.

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Sakura's attention was diverted to Tsunade's cleavage that was now being housed on her desktop. Of course, after Tsunade had convinced the pink haired girl to forget about Sasuke her 'rogue' teammate. Tsunade's mind wandered through a list of guys that Sakura would be interested in, ' Defiantly not the Uchiha