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Block copolymers composed of poly 3-hydroxyoctanoate PHO and methoxy poly ethylene glycol PEG were synthesized to prepare paclitaxel-incorporated nanoparticle for antitumor drug delivery. The higher M. The higher drug feeding increased drug contents and average size of nanoparticles. In the drug release study, the higher M.

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The increase in drug contents induced the slow release rate of drug. In an antitumor activity study in vitropaclitaxel nanoparticles have practically similar anti-proliferation activity against HCT human colon carcinoma cells.

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In an in vivo animal study using HCT colon carcinoma cell-bearing mice, paclitaxel nanoparticles have enhanced antitumor activity compared anh paclitaxel itself.

Nanoparticles; Block copolymer; Poly 3-hydroxyoctanoate ; Drug jenh. Nonvolatile memory technologies in Si-based electronics date back to the s.