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Japanese girls legs

Japanese Super loose legs.

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There is a function to warm your feet. Very long loose socks up to cm. It is popular in Japan. Japanese girls are wearing all year round. Especially loose socks are indispensable during cold weather!

In Japan, girls legs are now walking billboards. Literally!

It is socks which are also being sold even now, popularized as a sock for girls high school students wearing thai pussy blowjob wearing school uniforms. Regarding the name of loose socks, it turned out that the state of the socks being worn is "loose".

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In the past, loose socks were said to be boots socks, but that name changed to loose socks. If you japanese tapping at the ankle you will see the calf looks thin and the feet will look straight long. When you hear this, it is something you girls want to wear loose socks suddenly.