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America split the atom, but far more powerful in its arsenal was bombshell Jayne Mansfieldwhose flesh missiles could jane off an entire city of men with one flash. Her jugantor figure made her more than a Marilyn Monroe knockoff, but a knockout of boobalicious dimensions.

The Hottest Jayne Mansfield Photos

Girlie mags first introduced nide curvaceous cutie, but the pages of pinup pulps couldn't hold Jayne's bountiful beauty, and soon stage and screen beckoned. That's a good thing. It meant revealing performances in movies such sexy daugther Promises!

It was the first American film to disobey the Hays Code and include nude scenes from a major star.

The 21 Hottest Jayne Mansfield Photos Ever, Ranked

Lost to us too soon in a June 29,in a tragic car accident, this anything-but-plain Jayne had all the goods to be oh so bad. Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel - as Herself.

Indie Sex - as Sandy Brooks archive footage. Primitive Love - as Herself.

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Too Hot to Handle - as Midnight Franklin. The Academy Awards - mansfield Herself.