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Is intersex real

What is intersex?

For many years, we have worked tirelessly to confront the violence, discrimination and stigma that often surrounds intersex children and adults. We have dedicated many hours, often for free, to be there for our peers, to build organizations and networks, to provide advice and support to parents, to confront and educate doctors, to advocate before national, regional and international institutions, and to forge and expand alliances with other movements.

We have been at the frontlines telling our stories at a time when no one would listen to them and showing raffaella nude scars at places where no one would see them.

We have created pieces of art that have expanded intersex boundaries, and have produced critical and transformative knowledge that is changing the landscape of intersex rights for good.

True hermaphroditism

This Fund is partnering with intersex activists around the world to support our goals, our work, and our visibility—to support us. With funding from seed donors Kobi Conaway and Andrew Owen, the Arcus Foundation and other private donors, the Astraea Intersex Human Rights Fund is facilitating the real of the intersex movement worldwide.

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Photo credit: Worldwide, we find ourselves in a moment of increased visibility and rights for people with non-normative genders, sexualities and bodies.

However, many in our communities still face incredible levels of violence, discrimination and isolation. The rights of intersex people are often forgotten or ignored. They are either dismissed as the concerns of a very small sora riku naked, or thoughtlessly tacked-on to the end of the LGBT acronym.