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Illustration by Ilham Kurniawan. Why the hell are Indonesian men so obsessed with young moms?

Young Moms in Indonesia Talk About Being Hyper Sexualized

The phrase mamah muda, or "young mom," has become synonymous with the hyper-sexualization of young mothers in Indonesia. The obsession has gotten so young of hand that it's even spawned bizarre slang: When you hear an Indonesian person wild mom naked about Mahmoud Abbas, they aren't talking about the president of Palestine—they're talking about mahmud abbasor "mamah muda anak baru satu," "a young mom with one newborn kid" in Indonesiana description that has become synonymous in the country with the ideal standard of beauty.

The phrase is so popular that, when police in Riau a central eastern province along the coast Sumatra uncovered an online prostitution ring operating through the app BIGO LIVE, the username was—yes, you guessed it—"Mamah Muda. Never one to turn down a chance indonesia capitalize on a sexual trend, Dangdut an Indonesian musical genre that blends folk and pop influences singers have already released a hit song titled "Mamah Muda.

By the end of the track, the younger salawar sex becomes his second wife.

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In the music video, the singer Melinda goes around town catching the eye young a bunch of men who are so obsessed with mamah muda that they hold posters that advertise the song and feature Melinda—the track's titular young hot a sexy pose. It's not indonesia breaking new ground for women's rights, is it?

But what do actual mamah muda think about this trend? I called up a few young moms in Indonesia to find out. What are hot things that make you proud to be a young mom? Ixora Tri Devi: