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Indian topless couple

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I usually practice topless sunbathing on the beach and couple the pool, so I want to know if topless is allowed in Goa on the Beach and the Pool. Than You. Going topless in public is considered as public indecency in Indian but the pool of your hotel should be ok i think Yeh you can go topless in Goa. But porno movie tiava will have to put up indian a lot of locals looking at you, and that includes the Cows on the Beach.


In Goa there are few secret beaches where you can move around topless Although some women do go topless on the beach, I wish they wouldn't! It invites lots of stares from tourists from other parts of India who are not so liberal in their outlook as Goans. Indian women would not dream of going topless and we should follow their example.

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However, if you want to become a tourist attraction, take off your top and be prepared to be ogled by large parties of men topless other states. It is not the done thing to sunbathe toples at your hotel either.

Ditto Karen. Don't do it, it's disrespectful. Wait 'til summertime and go couple Benidorm if topless want to show all your bits. It's about respect.