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Hypnosis stage nude

Hmm… Sometimes I think I nude late to the hypno party.

Hypnosis Shows for Naked People on Vimeo

Most stage hypnotists tended to pad out their shows with a very long induction, so that the act of hypnotising the volunteers became the show itself. Somehow, hypnotists thought that doing big long boring inductions and watching people fall asleep, or sometimes, fall off their chairs was somehow entertainment. The actual show itself when it eventually started tended to be quite short with very stage, innocuous routines forgetting your name, forgetting how to count etc with perhaps the only controversial part being suspending a subject between two chairs and then getting someone to stand on their stomach.

Anyway… some time in the s stage hypnosis became a little more adult.

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And by adult, I mean that instead of the subjects simulating a strip-tease, they did an actual strip-tease. Sometimes these mariana renata xxx routines could be a bit bizarre. One of the most weird ones I heard was by an adult stage hypnotist who did late night adult shows in Liverpool where one hapless subject would ride a bike naked backwards while singing in Chinese. Yes, I know, bizarre.

Adult Stage Hypnosis

In the cheerleaders naked animated afterwards those with particularly stage friends were subjected to this for the rest of hypnosis evening. Anyway, for a variety of reasons these adult stage hypnosis shows have almost all died out now, particularly in the UK. I do hear reports of shows in Spain or the Greek Islands where tourists frequently take part in adult shows with some nudity either during or at the end of the show when the strip is done.

Sometimes shows were quite crude — both from a technical, and a taste, point of view — and of course there was the inevitable backlash. And of course, many town halls had policies of either not granting licenses for stage hypnosis shows or charging a ludicrous amount for one, often in excess of hypnosis fee the stage nude was due to receive for the performance. The result?