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What porn films was Hugh Jackman in? | Yahoo Answers

I hugh just show him a poster of Deception and he would hit the mat in the fetal position. Hugh Jackman is not a tough guy like the others. After having driven Nicole Kidman crazy, he'll drive you and the Oscar voters crazy too in Australia, the Gone with the wind of " Silly as it may seem this is what that Vanity Fair italian cover says about Jackmanporn. Funny how this societ views muscular men as tough, and yet when you work in a gay bar as I do you hugh a lot of overmuscular jackmanporn men hugh behave like queens and are anything but tough!!

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I don't mean to be a party pooper still, it's ok if you want to call me one I'll love ya back regardlessbut is anyone else feeling a major bomb coming from Luhrman and Co. I question the release time for this movie. Holiday week that this is, Bolt and Twilight will have tremendous second weeks. And don't jackmanporn Four Christmasses hot sexy cunts some thunder.

I mean, come on guys We're to blame for everything really.

What porn films was Hugh Jackman in?

We even cause hurricanes and terrorist atttacks. And I'm with you Nathaniel, I seriously hope Baz will come back within the next few years. I love his stuff and the fact that he's one of the few director's who is all about the romance.