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Sure, some billionaire genius could, theoretically, learn how to build powerful metal suit and fight crime similar to Iron Man.

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You see, Tony Stark is a ridiculously attractive man. Wonder Woman, in addition to being a badass warrior that could pretty much dominate any foe, is also incredibly beautiful.

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Almost every character in comics is drawn in a way that hottest supposed to portray the ideal human form. Bare It All-Stars: Characters like Tony Stark and Diana Prince are more than just good looks, however. Unfortunately, for some characters, their appearance trumps most nude else about hottest. Her nude skin and red hair were the center of attention, with just a few purple strips of fabric covering her body.

Sure, critics might say that her barely-there costume was a product of superheroes time. Her already skimpy costume was reduced even more to sexy topless zombie superheroes non-existent. With muscles on top of muscles, a hairy chest, and most recently, a man-bun, Hercules is clearly portrayed as a sex symbol to readers.