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Hot danish action

Could someone please tell me if the hot dogs on the streets of Copenhagen are beef. My wife will not touch pork and I want to make sure before I suggest it as a quick lunch idea.

Danish hot-shots ready for action

Hot will be visiting Denmark for the first time this September. Cumonprintedpics teen am sorry to tell you that the hot dogs at street vendors in Copenhagen are pork. Yes, they are pork. But you can get beef at most hot dog stands, like the hot dog stand version of a burger.

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So get a burger - or 'beefsandwich' as the hot dog stand-version is called - for your wife and treat yourself to a hot dog. Make sure you get one with the grilled sausage not the red, boiled version and ask for porno gurl model types of onion and danish on it.

Bon apetite. Thank you.

Rescue action off Danish coast as three children drift to sea on surfboards

It is good to know there is a solution. This has made me hungry In the parts of town with a high percentage of moslems you can find "halal" action stands without any pork.

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