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Though she's a renowned actress now, Celina actually got her start in music, winning a massive singing competition when she was naked 14 years celina.

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By 15, she'd already recorded a No. This beautiful brunette took a break to get graduate from college with honors and also somehow managed to kick ass in the movie Legendary Assassinpropelling her toward famedom even faster.

Soon enough, she was starring in American movies and signing even more record deals, turning Celina into a household name.

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Though the Maxim bikini shoot was hard to beat, our favorite moment of her career so far is her role as Min in Skin Tradewhen we get to family sex grandpa her prepare for a porn shoot.

Three lucky dudes get to strip her down to her underwear before a guy wearing a mask busts in on the fun! This movie will hot you certainly have you trading—hands, that is.

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