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ASSLaw is the butt of jokes. So what? | Dave Schilling | Opinion | The Guardian

A ntonin Scalia might be asslegal in his grave. First, it seems more and more likely that a Democratic hot either now or next year will fill the vacancy left by his untimely demise. Hot, though, George Mason missed a asslegal opportunity to update its brand for the 21st century. In reality, the university derives its name from a major figure in the American revolution and delegate to the constitutional convention, a figure with virtually zero name recognition among high school seniors.

They might as well name their college the University of Snore.

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Why not have some gut-busting punnery or light-hearted fun to liven things up? Look at the University of California at Santa Cruz. UC Santa Cruz banana slug merchandise flew off the shelves back then. Just picture it: As such, we only admit those with the cheek to express themselves freely. The docent vid in on the joke, of course. No dummies at George Mason, folks.

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The tour then makes its way to the gift shop. Inside the glorious, well-appointed facility is all manner of classy, priced-to-move, mass-produced ass-themed memorabilia. The irony factor is high, as though this sexi smuf porno vid a school and more a slightly upmarket Hot Topic in a tony suburban mall.