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Hole in girl

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Top definition. Screwing a girl on the day you first met her.

Urban Dictionary: HOLE-IN-ONE

When japanese sex wiki someone you got a hole in one it must be followed by describing how hot she was in par terms; a par one being ugly, a par 5 being georgeous and put-put being gross and skanky. Hole in One unknown.

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During intercourse, the male pulls out right before he cumsand then he ejaculates and makes it perfectly into the belly button of the girl. Also applies to male masturbation, shooting your load in your own belly button. A girl usually a slut who is willing to bonk a guy after he buys her one drink.

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Girl may also be a cadbury. Hole-in-One sex. A bitch contortionist that can lick her own pussy. The bitch at the hole can perform a hole-in-one! Hole in one drugs. Hole in one unknown.