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The Dutch have a famously liberal attitude towards sex and the country benefits from a legalised prostitution industry as well as a widely tolerant nation when it comes sexy sakura nude sexual diversity.

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The adult industry is diverse and wide-ranging and covers everything from erotic massage, strip clubs and sex cinemas to the production of porn, street prostitution, escorting and brothels. In this sex, nude track queens take a look at the cultural and social attitudes towards sex, the adult industry and porn in The Netherlands as well holand review the ways you can hook-up whilst in the country.

Also known as Holland, the population of 17 million people of the Netherlands enjoy an egalitarian society. The people are known for their no-nonsense and open attitude which is reflected in their liberal approach when it comes to sex. Judging by a recent European wide poll conducted by YouGov, this translates to a pretty high opinion of their own sexual performance. When asked to self-rate their bedroom prowess, the Dutch came in joint second with Austria and behind the Swiss.

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Interestingly, the Dutch were ranked ahead of those stereotyped Lotharios of Spain, Italy and France with the British coming in bottom. With such liberal attitudes the Dutch may be wondering if the Vermeer girl had more than just a pearl earring!?

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Contrary to their liberal reputation, the same survey also revealed that the Dutch holand the least likely European nation to have:. With sex being so acceptable in the Netherlands, it seems that it has become normal.

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Sex education in The Netherlands is equally as progressive and starts with sex classes from the age of 4. The approach is seen by many as the gold standard and has translated into low teen pregnancy and STD rates.

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