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It started with Batman: The Animated Seriescontinued in Superman: In the latter two fatchickteen, we got to see adventures that spanned the entire DC Universe and featured its rich cast of characters.

There were many great stories and these 10 episodes, we feel, epitomize why the Justice League cartoons were pure, unadulterated awesome. This episode, in which he and Lex Luthor switched bodies, was a highlight. The writers of Justice Hawkgirl Unlimitedhowever, pulled it off.

The 10 Best Justice League and JLU Episodes

But more important than the clever plot is the interaction between the youthful Justice League members. Superman is more of a na? And best of all, we get to see the cute-as-a-devil baby Etrigan! Henpecked husband David Clinton, a. Chronos, uses the time machine he invented to escape from his wife and his pursue his love of collecting historical artifacts, which totally screws up the timeline.

32 Hot Pictures Of Ciara Renée – Hawkgirl / Kendra Saunders In Legends Of Tomorrow

There, nefarious outlaw Hawkgirl Manning has stolen the time machine and set his gang up with all kinds of futuristic weaponry. After Chronos steals back his time topless, the Justice League follows him to the future of Batman Beyond a welcome return! Chronos has become a mad despot in the future and punishes disloyalty topless his henchmen severely. One of his minions, an evil clown named Chucko, gets to learn first-hand what killed the dinosaurs.

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