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Happy naked birthday

Actor and former government official Cesar Montano is currently in a bit of a pickle after a birthday greeting he posted on Facebook went viral, not because of what he said, but because of what he showed — an allegedly naked woman walking in the background.

Naked At Work Birthday Card | Emily McDowell & Friends

It has since been taken down but, of course, a number of accounts have already reuploaded it. The internet is forever, folks.

nude lusty moms

Spoken like a true actor-politician. The woman, who looks to be naked she could be wearing flesh-colored undies happy bikini?

Naked Birthday GIFs

She walks across the room, grabs a naked things, then walks back out of the frame at around the 6-second mark. Happy anniv nga pala crotch shots porn Slick at kay Doc! More power! We lab you mhen!


Philippine Twitter is abuzz about birthday video too. Ana more power to you.