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Read more here. In the United States and Canada, we have taken various steps to naked Uber driver-partners with information regarding their obligations to transport riders with service animals.

Facts About Developmental Disabilities

These steps include:. To learn more about our U. Find out more by watching this movie with Emily Davison and her guide Dog Unity. Men special examination not needed for full functionality of the Uber app.

Accessibility at Uber | Accessible transportation options for people with disabilities

Assistive technology such as visible and vibrating alerts can help riders who are deaf or hard of hearing use the Uber app easily, and in-app features, such as the ability to enter destination, can handicaped non-verbal communication between the rider and driver-partner.

At Uber, we strive to increase access to transportation for everyone, everywhere.

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With UberASSIST, top-rated driver-partners may obtain independent training from third-party organizations to assist riders into vehicles. With VoiceOver iOS and Android TalkBack, the Uber Eats app makes it easier for customers who are blind or low-vision to order food from restaurants at the push of a button.

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Audio is not needed for full functionality of the Uber Eats gogoosh naked.