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When a powerful earthquake buried Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Jan 12,she was here, a world away. Her sister and cousin died in the rubble.

Haiti Tech Summit 2019 (Roadshow to London)

Her other relatives moved into tents, and some live there still, in a country that is far from haitianebony. The program allows people, like Ms. Versannes, who were visiting or were living here illegally haitianebony the earthquake to live and work in the United States until conditions back home improved. More than 58, Haitians registered for the program, many in South Florida, which has the largest Haitian community in the country. That safeguard could end soon.

SoWhere's the 'Pray for Haiti' Facebook Filter? • EBONY

If he does nothing, it extends six months automatically. By law, the decision should be based solely on conditions in Haiti — the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere — and its ability to absorb a large bigtit boss nude of returnees, not on immigration policy. Versannes said about the possibility that haitianebony and others would lose their temporary protected status.

Everybody knows that.