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Image via Lia Kantrowitz. Here's a picture of a handsome young man in his early 20s, wearing a baseball hat and showing off a ticket to emo teens sex gun show by flexing one of his arms.

It's the kind of half-lit bedroom shot that could be anyone's Facebook profile pic or Instagram avatar—except his rather large cock is at full mast and gone towards the ceiling.

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This is not a dick pic texted to someone, or a slice of revenge porn posted by a spurned lover: This guy put this picture on the internet on purpose, bearing the headline "Love showing off. That headline could be considered the motto for Lady Boners Gone WildReddit's most popular place for nude dudes who post pictures of themselves for the amusement and arousal of others. The subreddit currently has nearly 80, subscribers and sees about fresh posts a day. LBGW isn't just about clicking through a sea of dick pics, guys, as cock close-ups are banned from the board.

It also has a fraction of the subscribers LBGW's snagged. Conversely, the slightly more popular LadyBoners features a litany of sexy male celebrities— fully clothed, mostly, but sometimes shirtless. LBGW's posters are made up of Redditors from across the world, almost all of nude shirtless and many of them sporting a hard-on that would make Ron Jeremy proud. Besides the cock close-up gone, another LBGW rule is that guys must also show at least half of their face—either a profile shot, their nose and eyes, or their lips and chin.

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Posters will often use a phone to block whichever part of their appearance they want to keep hidden. One recent gentleman took pictures on a construction site wearing only his nude belt and work boots, showing off a trim body and a rather impressive hard guys. The photos show a bit of personality amidst a sea of gym locker room shots and dudes taking snaps in their dirty bathroom mirrors.

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