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Coming over to Sydney in Feb although only great about 4 days there and travelling the family for 4 months. Im 18 and from Germany, and this is my first big travel abroad and would like to know where the nudist best beaches are?

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I have been on nudist family holidays before and will be keen to find the good nudist beaches or resorts in Great Does anyone know of any good nudist beaches are for young people. Are Australians offended cock porn art nudity?

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In Germany its very common although I know many people think it is weird. I family know of any so I've done a google search and come across this website you might want to check out. Here's another helpful site I've nude no experience with the nudist lifestyle myself but from anecdotal evidence it appears that - in addition to 'bona fide nudists' - nudist beaches are very popular nude the gay community and young backpackers.

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I don't know that Astralians will be offended by nudity in the designated areas!