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Granny lingere

I was in high school granny thongs officially became a lingere obsession.

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Thongs had always been a thing, of course. People definitely wore them, but they were not the kind of thing you could buy at the local mall. Britney and X-tina wore them onstage or on the red carpet. Somewhere along the way, thongs became a sort of shorthand for sexiness—while their full-coverage counterparts, which were worn by pretty much everyone just a few years prior, became synonymous with priggish loserdom.

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Everyone knew exactly what these were without being told. Odds are, you already have lingere image in your head about the silhouette we're talking about: Granny panties refer to big, high-waisted, thoroughly butt-covering, depressingly practical cotton knickers. The antiaphrodisiac, if you will.

The message behind the scene was clear: Though, I will admit, at the height of their hype, I did break down and buy a G-string. More important, it felt so thoroughly un- me; the world told me this was the granny thing you could wear, but when I put it on, I just felt so… obvious. I felt much cuter in bikinis, boy shorts, and yes, even the most katya santos porn, misunderstood style of them all:

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