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Unlike previous trips, I am actually excited to keep researching.

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The one major impediment to continuing research is my present location, which is approximately 3, miles away from both my home and the majority of my archives. The last photo I have of myself and my grandmother. I was in college miles away, attending Bryn Mawr. It was a matter of personal pride for her, because, despite growing up mere models from the campus, she always told me she never would have gotten in, on account of being an Irish Catholic.

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I took her to nude craft store, and she did my laundry. She was a fixture in my life, and—as is the case with most fixtures—I took her for granted.


And then suddenly she was gone, and for the first time in my vintage woman masterbating I found myself besieged by grief. I was besieged, but my grandmother had long ago grandmother broken. Granny moved in with us shortly after the death of one of her three daughters, and was never the same.