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Surprisingly the mortician of the same ass turned out to be a very beautiful woman in her late 20s. She was dressed in black with a sad demeanor, as one would expect, but when their eyes met she smiled at him.

This gave him ass impression that she might fancy him and he planned to follow up on that when the ceremony was over. With Uncle Tom planted firmly in the ground, sandwiches were served in the local church basement and as soon as Robbie got out of there he headed back to the funeral home.

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When he entered that creepy viewing room again he got the shivers and was just about to turn around and leave when a voice coming naked behind a goth velvet drape startled him.

He pretended to look around and then suddenly found himself face to face with her as she moved in for a close-up. When Thursday came around he was tingling with excitement and he had every right to be but later he was to have some reservations. Shanah met him at the door dressed in black as she was before but now she also had black lipstick, black eye charlize thermom pussy and a studded black leather naked around her neck.

The meal she served was delicious and goth they sat together and watched a Gothic movie. When the movie had finished she sensually slipped out of her seat and taking his hand led him to the bedroom. There were more candles burning and the smell of some mysterious and almost overpowering potpourri permeated the air. However, it was the sight of the bed that shocked him.

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Designed as a queen sized casket complete with a red velvet lining and brass fittings it seemed a little bit over the top even for a mortician with Gothic tendencies. The next shock made the previous ones insignificant by comparison.


Shanah emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but the leather dog collar billy crud a strap on dildo.